<p>"Hail to the King of Sneakers:Michael Jordan's Nike Air Jordan Retro Time ( A Social Media-loaded Marketing Campaign Success Story)" is an ebook about the history of Michael Jordan, a superhero, superstar basketball player who ended up becoming a great businessman after his retirement.It's also the story of sneaker collectors who did not mind staying in line to be able to buy a few pairs of his shoes.Over the years, superstar Michael Jordan has become a sacred hero.He was thought to have superhuman powers.In this ebook, you will read about the shopping incidents, Michael's business advice, and hard-working skills.You will also read about the shoe empire he ends up building and the standout players who are part of his brand.</p> <p>Michael Jordan produces shoes for his fans and consumers of all age group.In his mind, kids are his future markets.Find out where he got started and what he had to do to build this luxury shoe empire.From the school of hard knocks to various business textbooks and the key questions he had to ask, you will find out he was a determined player and businessman who wants to make a difference in this world.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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